Reduce the costs and risks of decommissioning

Decommissioning is a new and rapidly growing sector of industry.

The true nature of this enormous human endeavour, which comprises startling innovation, engineering, and enterprise to address the challenges of decommissioning and clean-up, is only just starting to be realised.


Rapid global growth is already occurring in Nuclear, Offshore, Defence, Mining and Energy sectors.

Decommology offers:

  • to shape and improve your decommissioning strategy;
  • better decision making, underpinned by economic analysis; and,
  • improved performance management.

Link to a recent article published in Nuclear Engineering International

Investment decision making is at the heart of strategy

  • But strong narratives usually outweighs the facts
  • Decisions are strongly influence by narratives
  • Bias also plays a key role - boards can be selective in what evidence they consider, and how they consider it
  • Decision makers can improve their decision making by understanding narrative strengths and bias
  • Decommology can greatly improve investment decision making

Make sure you pick great investments not white elephants!

Narratives and Bias




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