Intelligent Monitoring of Performance

Decommissioning, Clean Up and Environmental Restoration is a very long term effort with many complex variables and uncertainties.

The fundamental outcomes desired are that:

  • Hazard elimination - does expenditure reduce the hazard?
  • Liability elimination - does expenditure reduces the liability?
  • Site restoration - are the building/plant removed and environment restored?

The decommissioning strategy will only deliver these required outcomes if it is 'intelligently monitored'. KPIs are a crucial element of intelligent monitoring (but not sufficient in themselves). KPIs have to be timely, valid, reliable, relevant, comparable but most importantly - they have to be UNDERSTANDABLE, both to management and to external stakeholders.

Some challenges include the wide range of stakeholders and their interests, the hundreds of KPIs that might be measured, the training, systems and processes needed to ensure they are valid, reliable and comparable, and the leadership needed to maintain alignment with strategic objectives and the removal of inherent management bias.

Decommology can help you:

  • design the right suite of KPIs,
  • better align the KPIs with the strategies, and
  • create the 'intelligent monitoring' you need to ensure that your programme demonstrably meets its objectives.

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